Feeling Left Out In The Cold? Time For A Checkup

Your morning commute in frigid weather will soon begin, but only cold air comes out of the heating vents. Driving while wearing a thick coat can help keep you warm behind the wheel, but it will take some expert sleuthing to get your heater and defroster functioning again.

“The Heating and ventilation system of your vehicle is like anything else; if you pay attention to it and maintain it you can reduce the chances of an expensive repair,” said Steve Schaeber, manager of service training for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society.

A heater or defroster fails for one of three reasons, Schaeber said. There could be an electrical problem such as a blown fuse, an air flow problem within the ventilation system itself, or an issue with the vehicle’s cooling system (such as lack of antifreeze).

Schaeber offered the following tips on what to do if your heater or defroster isn’t working:

  • Look for vent blockages from leaves and twigs accumulated during summer and fall.
  • Check fuses that may have gone bad.
  • Make sure you have enough antifreeze and the system is functioning properly.
  • Replace the cabin air filter. One sign: accumulation in the vents.